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Famille Inn

A quiet little inn run by the Eduard family for generations. Though it has never once had guests due to local superstitions which have kept strangers at bay, Luchs still dutifully scrubs the public baths, washes the linens, and prepares fresh flowers for every room on a daily basis. An innkeeper can never be too prepared for the day when his first cherished guests finally arrive, after all.

As the story progresses, the heroines who move in to its modest—if not a little plain—rooms will decorate the space with their own personalized touch. Pink and gold comforters, bookshelves filled end to end with complex stories, stuffed animals and more will soon fill up those once empty rooms with a little splash of color and sunshine.

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Amelia's Farm

Amelia runs this farm with love and care, regularly harvesting a variety of fresh vegetables. She often brings them up to the inn to share with childhood friends Bart and Luchs as thanks for helping her out on the field. In particular, Bart has made up for his lack of a green thumb by hand-sewing the handsome little scarecrow that now watches over the crops day and night.

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Lunéville is Étoile Isle's largest city, and a series of architectural marvels. Though one would think it a popular destination for tourism, firm traditional beliefs among the locals cause most new faces rolling into town to be met with disdain, leaving Luchs in a tight spot now that the story leads to him housing more strangers than ever.

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Crystal Cave

With every earthquake, new, valuable crystals are exposed in various caves along the island. They're dangerous to excavate, but they're also a necessary tool for everyday life, so those looking to make quick money—like Luchs—ready themselves for days of risk in hopes of enough reward to scrape by.

What are crystals used for? Sometimes to fuel a hungry fire when forging or cooking; other times, they're made into exquisite luminescent accessories that are popular among young women. And while the tropics rarely dip to freezing, crystals, hovering around 110° for months after they're excavated, can also be sold as convenient little pocket warmers during winter. The modern world has an infinite number of uses for the precious quartz, so demand is always high.

But for all the conveniences they offer to modern life, what would happen if man were to run out of crystals? No one likes to think about it. All it takes is one quick fix to impede the road to long-term solutions.

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