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Lord of Magna: Itinerary Section

Earn the Hearts of the Heavenly Heroines

Players will sometimes find over the heads of others staying at the inn, indicating who to speak with next in order to progress the story. However, there are time when will appear over certain heroines' heads instead. Talking to a heroine during this time will trigger a HEART Event, a specific story based around her. Get to know the heroines personally and a growing bond will be born, as well as a chance to learn valuable new skills for use in battle.

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Master the Five Elements

There are five elements which bind the world of Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven together: Flame, Frost, Heaven, Earth, and Void. While every character has a default elemental affinity to start with, equipping Skill Chips can help adjust affinities, making for greater advantages over enemies with a certain elemental weakness in battle.

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Fight Freely or Stick to the Story

Choose from story-based battles or Free Battles, where you can revisit previous maps to take on the strongest enemies you can encounter. Obtain victory, and the chance to earn rare items of staggering value will be yours.

Even if Free Battles aren't your cup of tea, completing the Sub Missions available in every story-related brawl is a grand opportunity to make away with more goods to fill that item-less void in your heart.

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Good Things Come to those who StreetPass™

Maintained by the sweet and adorable Sugar, Luchs' garden starts off in dire need of some greenery. For every StreetPass encounter, however, a new seed will be sown, grown, and eventually harvested into one of dozens of items. Admire them, sell them, or craft them into something new—the choice is yours.

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Craft Your Way to Dominating the Field

Most items collected throughout Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven can be combined with other items to create new, equippable skills. Try as many combinations as possible and craft your way to new abilities to take full advantage of the field!

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A Buffet of Buffs & Debuffs

Status effects can make or break a battle, but thankfully, you have nearly the same advantages as your enemies. Be certain to utilize the many items and skills at your disposal to give allies a boost and enemies the boot!

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Revitalize – Regains a small percentage of HP every turn.

Enthuse – Reduces AP consumption for skills.

Fortify – Increases PHYS ATK.

Nurture – Increases PHYS DEF.

Focus – Increases ELEM ATK.

Safeguard – Increases ELEM DEF.

Sprint – Increases SPEED.

Stimulate – Increases Critical Hit rate.

Hone – Increases Critical Hit rate to 100%.

Endure – Revives the target after Death one time.

X-Fortify – Greatly increases PHYS ATK.

X-Nurture – Greatly increases PHYS DEF.

X-Focus – Greatly increases ELEM ATK.

X-Safeguard – Greatly increases ELEM DEF.

Wall – A skill used by fiends; renders them invincible.

Lachryma Awakening – Greatly increases Luchs' PHYS ATK and MOVE range.

Wreathed in Ash – Greatly increases Charlotte's Flame affinity.

Kuhlentragen – Greatly increases Beatrix's Frost affinity.

Testificare – Adelheid sacrifices a turn in exchange for greatly increasing her next attack.


Poison – Reduces a small percentage of HP each turn.

Subdue – Increases AP consumption for skills.

Enervate – Decreases AP recovery rate.

Enfeeble – Decreases PHYS ATK.

Neglect – Decreases PHYS DEF.

Rattle – Decreases ELEM ATK.

Torment – Decreases ELEM DEF.

Fear – Prohibits use of skills.

Slow – Decreases SPEED.

Curse – Prohibits all actions except for movement.

Bind – Prohibits movement.

Stupefy – Skips one turn.

Death – Reduces HP to 0.