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Lord of Magna: Brochure Section

Welcome to Famille Inn!

Located in Étoile Isle's largest city, Lunéville, which features a series of architectural marvels!

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Do you have the power?
Are you the one?

Residing on the outskirts of town as the proprietor of a quiet, rustic inn, Luchs has lived through much of his life proudly clinging to a code of honor passed down from father to son for generations: "When our cherished guests finally arrive, think of them as nothing less than family."
Unfortunately, the inn has not yet had even a single guest since its foundation, leaving Luchs no choice but to excavate and sell crystals—the island's most valuable fuel source—in order to make ends meet. It is during one such routine excavation that he happens upon a beautiful maiden encased inside a massive crystal, and her abrupt awakening triggers a series of unexpected events that include foul fiends, astonishing abilities, and miraculous mysteries…
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